Natural News Blogs now has its own website: See a wealth of reader-created knowledge on health, preparedness, healthy food recipes and more

Natural News Blogs now has its own website:

There’s a growing demand for honest, uncorrupted information on health, wellness, and independent living. The mainstream media severely restricts knowledge on vaccine damage, cancer prevention, medicinal herbs, super food nutrition, holistic therapies, and various other systems of healing from cultures around the world. So much valuable information is withheld from the public because the mainstream media is heavily funded by pharmaceutical interests.

Real health observations and life-saving testimony are hard to come by in the media today unless it supports a particular agenda such as the multi-billion dollar breast cancer screening and chemotherapy industry. Healthy lifestyle advice and practical how-to health information are often suppressed because it can free people from pharmaceutical and medical system dependence.

In the information age, people are looking for ways to improve their health naturally. is a unique source of health information, a wealth of reader-created knowledge on wellness, preparedness, healthy food recipes and much more. This information is not influenced by any pharmaceutical or biotech industry. This information remains free and independent, powered by passionate Natural News readers who contribute their expertise on specific health and wellness topics.

If you have knowledge, testimony, or how-to advice you’d like to share, you can apply to write for  This site publishes daily, is featured on, and covers topics in medicine, fitness, liberty, science, environment, food, personal care, sustainable living, and much more.

The site covers topics ranging from:

These topics only scratch the surface! is a vast library of FREE  information powered by the people.


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