Organic, glyphosate-tested Wheat Grass Powder now available at the Health Ranger Store (see the lab video)

Certified organic, glyphosate-tested wheat grass powder is now available at the Health Ranger Store. This is a nutrient-rich superfood, and the product has just one ingredient: Organic wheat grass powder (with no fillers, binders, excipients or anything else).

More importantly, we go way beyond organic certification and subject our products to intense laboratory scrutiny using multiple mass-spec instruments. This allows us to test for heavy metals, microbiology and now glyphosate, a toxic, cancer-causing herbicide found throughout the food supply.

Many wheat grass products are contaminated with high lead, but using ICP-MS instrumentation, we make sure our sources are incredibly clean. All our organic wheat grass is grown in the USA, not China. It’s packaged in the USA and lab-tested in the USA, too. The convenient powder form has a long shelf life and can be easily added to any smoothie or drink recipe to dramatically boost your intake of “veggies” for your day. (Most Americans still don’t get enough vegetables in their diet.)

Watch my full video below, which gives you a closer look at our laboratory operation and explains how we test food products for glyphosate, heavy metals and more.

Pick up some of this ultra-clean superfood product at the Health Ranger Store.

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